Gweneth's Milestones

21 Months WORDS Thank You - Tee tu Bird - Beak Honey Gram - Honey Grampy - Bakee Alexa (Amazon Echo) - Hedda! Strawberry - goji Hel...

21 Months

Thank You - Tee tu
Bird - Beak
Honey Gram - Honey
Grampy - Bakee
Alexa (Amazon Echo) - Hedda!
Strawberry - goji
Helicoptor - Hockie

She can carry a tune :) She sings random words to the tun of "are you sleeping", sings the ABC's with letters missing (she sings ABCD...HIJK...), sings the beginning of "row row row your boat" and "twinkle twinkle". At night she sings along with "itsy bitsy spider" and "the b-i-b-l-e".

sings part of the ABC's every day, and getting the hang of it more and more every day
counts 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
knows what a circle is
if you ask her what color something is she says "blue"... no matter what color it actually is. She's also starting to say "purple" and "yellow".

22 Months

Bird - beak / birdie
Yogurt - yo yo
started saying "Gemma"

ABC's (knows most, but gets them a little out of order  / skips some when she sings) / NUMBERS (can count to 10, but often leaves off 4 and/or 7) / SHAPES (knows square, circle and star) / COLORS (calls a lot of things "due" aka "blue")

23 Months
It's bittersweet to hear her start to say words correctly! She now properly says all the names of the family (no more Bakee). She's said "thank you" a few times, but is still saying "tee tu", which we love, because it's so adorable. She also says "chocolate" pretty well. Other cute things she says:

Blueberry - doji
Blanket - doji
sip please! - any time she wants a drink
Hom hom! - whenever she wants a bite of something

ABC's - getting better and better / loves to watch an ABC balloon video on youtube
NUMBERS - loves counting, getting better and better. We count the stairs, blueberries, toes, etc.
SHAPES - knows the basics
COLORS - She really knows her colors in the past week. Pink, orange, green, purple, yellow and blue

Aug 22, 2017 - Watched her first movie! It was Mary Poppins! She hadn't seemed like she'd be interested in watching an entire movie before now, but Justin wanted to show her Mary Poppins today and she was really interested! We watched it twice, and she kept saying "chim chim!" from the chim chim cherrie song.

SONGS - she loves "Yellow Submarine" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by the Beatles, and "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. She asks Alexa for those songs all the time. And of course a bunch of kids songs.

2 Years
Gweneth is talking so much. She will repeat anything you say, anything she hears, and speaks in small sentences. She sings all the time and is really good with lyrics! She knows Honey Gram and Grampy live in Michigan, and that we live in California. She also has an amazing memory. She mentions stuff all the time that we talked abiut yesterday, a week ago or even months ago!

Thank You - tee tu

SONGS - all songs from Mary Poppins, "Doll in a Music Box" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and "So long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music.

Knows her ABC's, colors, most shapes and most numbers (she tends to leave off "4" and "7").

She's recently started to want to help when getting clothes on and off, and has a dress up skirt she loves to put on all the time!

She doesn't sleep that well through the night, she generally wakes up screaming, and we have to go in and calm her down. Sometimes she wants a diapee change, sometimes she falls back asleep, like it was a nightmare. It started about a month ago, and is kind of tapering off (she used to do it a bunch during the night), and now is only doing it 1 - 2 times.

She's started to say "I love you" a lot, although she says it "I Loff you", which is adorable. She says it about all the members of the family, mommy, daddy, baby Gemma, Honey Gram, Grampy, Oma, etc. (and it's just the cutest thing), and she's also started to say it about other things, "I loff the park" "apples" and the other day, when I was making her pick up apple bites she had thrown on the floor and put them in the trash, she was like "I loff trash!". She's so funny!

She's also started to say "come on!". Just this morning she was trying to get the plug out of the iPad and she was having trouble and she was like "oh! come on!"

2 Years 2 Months
The biggest deal is that we moved Gemma in to Gweneth's room at night to sleep. The first night was insane. Gweneth screamed at the top of her lungs and ran around her crib like a boxing ring for two hours!!! It was awful. Gemma slept, but Gweneth was really thrown that she was in there, and I think she was rebelling. The second night was pretty much the same, but then the third and fourth night there was maybe three minutes of crying? And now it's fine. They're quiet before the door is shut. Gemma still gets up for a few bottles through the night, so on the last bottle we put her back in with us so that she doesn't walk up Gweneth when she wakes up for the day (Gemma gets up between 6:30 - 7, whereas Gweneth can wake up anywhere from 7 - 8:45).

Gweneth is talking up a storm! She's so cute, and seems to absorb everything we say and everything she hears. She repeats so much stuff and remembers so much stuff. She asked me to draw a picture of Honey Gram, so I did, and I drew her holding Gweneth and Gemma, and I said "and she hugs them all the time!" and Gweneth looks up at me and goes, really serious "and kiss!" She does all kinds of things like that, adding on and remembering things we're supposed to say. She's very observant.

She still says "Tee tu" for thank you, which is so cute. She's so good with "please" and "thank you", she almost always says it.

SONGS - she's been singing almost all the lyrics to "So Long, Farewell" from "Sound of Music", as well as "Doe a Deer", and of course all the Mary Poppins classics. She's obsessed, she asks to listen to them every day.

TV - She loves Peppa Pig. That's the main thing she asks for. She also likes to watch Dancing with the Stars with me, and it's super cute, because she'll try and do the same dance moves.

2 Years 2 Months
She is speaking so well! Saying full sentences, and repeating everything she hears. She loves to say "sounds like fun", "you okay?" and says "thank you" instead of "tee tu". She's saying "Alexa" more clear now, and Alexa recognizes her about half the time. We've had crickets in our apartment, so I showed her some cricket videos, so she often talks about "cripets", and asks Daddy to get them.

She loves trying to dress herself, and putting on her little tutus. She had also started undressing herself during every single nap and messing up her sheets. Thanks to a tip from a friend, we found that putting her in a onsie pajama, but turning it around so the zipper was in the back, she now can't undress when we're not in the room!

She loves Gemma, and they crack up together. The play together constantly, but Gweneth does hit her randomly.

2 Years 5 Months
She's a chatter box, and her little voice is so cute!!! She says and does the funniest things. She loves to talk to Alexa (and Alexa actually recognizes when she says "Alexa" and will play some of the songs she suggests). She still loves to dance, and sing. Gweneth and Gemma have the sweetest relationship and seem to really enjoy being together. They crack each other up, and Gweneth is usually really sweet to her (giving her kisses, making sure she has a bottle when she's crying, saying she's "precious"). She does often take away toys she has, and hits her.

Favorite Movies
The Lion King & Frozen (she sings "Can You Feel the Love Tonight so cute)

Favorite TV Shows
Daniel Tiger, Fraggles, Thomas & Peppa Pig

She says most words correctly, but she still says "Hum hum!" every time she sees us eating something she wants a bite of!

March 27, 2018
Crawled out of her crib and into Gemma's. She's been able to get out of her crib for a while, but never did it because we told her only mommy or daddy could get her out. Then twice this week during the day while we were in there, she climbed out while playing. But a few days ago I heard them both wake up. I looked at the monitor and didn't see Gweneth in her crib. I looked at Gemma's monitor and saw Gweneth's legs going over the bars! I went into their room and they were both giggling her Gemma's crib and playing with her mobile! It was so cute!

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